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about me.

♥My name is Alena. My native city is Moscow.
♥My interests are with Japan and Korea.
♥I like j-rock and k-pop music.
♥I like to watch japan and korean movies.
♥I would like to have friends with the same interests like me.

about this diary.

♥This Diary is Friends Only.
♥It means that I welcome here only the persons with the same interests with me.
♥It means that if you want to be in my friendlist you must leave a comment at the FO post.
♥If we really have something in common that's great - I'll add you back for sure.
♥And pls - don't add me just for the quantity of your friends.

about my communities.

brocade_lounge j-rock scans
bird_in_blue for Korea lovers
ledagrafics graphics
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Social capital

  • less than 10